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Purpose of my production

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I want to be the change that I need in the world <3

When it comes down to it, I don't know the purpose of this existence. I don't know if this world is in a battle for good versus evil. I don't know if the battle can be won. I lean towards the world is in homeostasis. There is yin and yang, both dark and light. Always experiencing good and evil. If good cannot be won out over evil, what is the point in making an effort for the good at all? Well, because being good and doing good feels good. I want to be my best sunshine self to show others in the world that love and kindness do exist.

Do I think I am perfect? Oh, far from it. I recognize that I make mistakes all the time that cause other people pain. I don't wish pain upon anyone. That being said, pain has been my greatest teacher. And there is a major paradox of existence. In seeking to be better, pain and unkindness have shown me that I want to be better. How could I get to this point without the pain that propelled me? I can't speak for another life. If my life would have been different, would I have been the same? I have no idea. I know what I (kinda) know now. And that is the obstacles in my path have taught me to leap towards the sky. I have also made a choice to rise up and not lie.

How does this all tie into me creating a website and starting a podcast? I want to give others the opportunity to rise up also. I wasn't always in this headspace. I want to show others that if you want something better, you can get something better.

That being said, being able to receive something better is a privilege. There are so many people who aren't in situations where they can receive anything better. Do you think the children in Africa want to starve? Do you think that they would want to manifest some food? Maybe if they focus really, really hard, they could get some food. Maybe the ones who get food are the ones who are trying harder. Please read this in a sarcastic tone. I do not believe that at all.

If some people can "manifest" and some people cannot, what is the difference? Access. Opportunity. Needs being met. When all of the needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs are met, then one can begin being creative. What is in that hierarchy? From the bottom to the top: safety, physiological (food, water, shelter), love and belonging, self esteem (confidence and achievement), and then self actualization all the way at the top. Self actualization includes creativity, which is the ability to manifest. Being able to "manifest" is a privilege. Manifesting doesn't come without a cost. All things cost something. Abundance isn't possible in a finite world. Maybe we can be happy with just enough? There is a lot of new age woo woo that I like and that I will be critical of.

In order for one to achieve a state of self actualization, needs must be met. Despite this, human's always have a decision on who they want to be. In a man's search for meaning, Viktor E. Frankl wrote how people choose what kind of person they are going to be whatever circumstances they are in. This book was written after Frankl escaped death in a concentration camp in Germany in World War II. Frankl describes people in the camps choosing their attitudes in their different responsibilities. In the most dire moments, people have a spiritual choice to keep their human dignity or succumb to committing vile acts against other humans. He went on to say that "suffering is an ineradicable part of life, even as fate and death. Without suffering and death, human life cannot be complete. The way in which a man handles his suffering gives way for creating meaning." At the end of it all, humans have a choice in the kind of person that they want to be. People can choose to be kind in difficult moments. Or they can choose to be cruel.

Knowing that people choose to be who they are does not mean that as a society we can take advantage of those who have less access. It does mean that we do not take care of those who have different abilities. As a society, we can value our diversity, protect the rights of others, increase access and opportunity to whoever they may be. People deserve equal opportunity for their needs to be met. Call me an idealist, but I believe society could support all, if we allow and love our differences. When we support all to achieve self actualization, think of the creative planet we will have. We won't worry so much about manifesting abundance and appreciate the contentment of having enough.

Life is both a spiritual and physical journey. Supporting the physical and the spiritual journeys of others is a part of my journey. I have access. I have privilege. I have empathy. I can create space for others. I love others. And I love myself. I am an interesting little space ship occupied by the great and mysterious void. I get to experience this passage for awhile. I want to love the quirks that make up me.

Here I am. A quirky person. Trying to make a difference with what I have. And that is me.

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